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Moving to Odoo with support from DIS, tackling operational hurdles, and promoting expansion. This all-encompassing ERP solution tackled licensing expenses and operational constraints while enabling smooth customization and integration. This Solution's triumph highlights the significance of choosing the appropriate ERP system and implementation ally to navigate a fiercely competitive business environment adeptly.

About Hesham Helal Elsewedy & Partners for Construction ltd 

Energya Steel Solutions, a member of the Energya INDUSTRIES group, operates two steel fabrication entities: Energya Steel Solutions Co. in 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt, and Hesham Helal El Sewedy & Partners for Steel Industries Ltd. in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia. With a commitment to serving industrial projects globally, Energya Steel Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive support to heavy process plants across Egypt, the Middle East, GCC countries, and Africa. Their range of services includes design, supply, fabrication, galvanization, painting, site delivery, and erection of various steel structures and equipment, catering to a diverse clientele.

ERP Challenges

  • Energya Steel Solutions encountered rising licensing costs and operational limitations with their existing systems, hindering operational efficiency and financial stability.
  • The previous systems lacked flexibility, unable to adapt to Energya Steel Solutions' evolving needs, necessitating tailored solutions for seamless integration.
  • Energya Steel Solutions faced challenges in maintaining operational stability while striving to meet ambitious business targets amidst expansion.

Solutions Used: Odoo Inventory & MRP Suite


  • By opting to migrate to Odoo, a comprehensive ERP solution, Energya Steel Solutions found a cost-effective alternative with broader functionalities. DIS, specializing in Odoo ERP for industrial enterprises, facilitated this transition, addressing operational gaps and enhancing point-of-sale (POS) operations through customizations
  • DIS provided crucial customizations to Odoo, ensuring a seamless integration that met Energya Steel Solutions' specific requirements. This tailored approach facilitated a smooth transition and improved overall operational effectiveness.
  • The implementation of Odoo by DIS proved instrumental in helping Energya Steel Solutions achieve its business targets. The ERP system equipped them with the necessary tools and features for sustained growth while ensuring operational stability.


  • Customization for Enhanced Integration
  • Escalating Licensing Costs and Operational Challenges
  • Achieving Operational Stability and Business Targets
  • Business targets achievement 


In conclusion, Energya Steel Solutions' strategic decision to migrate to Odoo, supported by DIS, reflects a proactive approach to overcoming operational challenges and fostering growth. The comprehensive ERP solution not only addressed licensing costs and operational limitations but also facilitated seamless integration and customization for a tailored fit. The success story of Energya Steel Solutions underscores the importance of selecting the right ERP system and implementation partner to navigate the complexities of a competitive business landscape effectively.

Success Rate   97%

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