Odoo Sales & Point of Sales 

Odoo Sales & Point of Sales, where seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences converge. Our powerful suite of tools empowers businesses to streamline sales processes, from lead generation to point of sale transactions. With Odoo, you can optimize your sales operations, boost revenue, and delight customers at every touchpoint.

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seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences converge.

CRM, POS, Sales Modules

CRM, POS, Sales Modules


Odoo CRM is a robust customer relationship management solution designed to help businesses effectively manage their sales pipeline, customer interactions, and marketing campaigns. It provides a centralized platform for tracking leads, managing opportunities, and nurturing customer relationships.

Point Of Sales - Restaurant

Odoo Sales of Point - Restaurant is a specialized module tailored for restaurant businesses. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of restaurant operations, including order management, table reservations, menu customization, and payment processing. With Odoo Sales of Point - Restaurant, restaurants can streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize their sales processes for greater efficiency and profitability.

Subscriptions management

Odoo Subscriptions Management is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline subscription-based business models. It enables businesses to efficiently manage recurring billing, subscription plans, customer accounts, and subscription renewals. With Odoo Subscriptions Management, businesses can automate subscription processes, track customer subscriptions, and optimize revenue streams.

Sales Management 

Odoo Sales Management is a comprehensive tool that helps businesses manage their sales processes efficiently. It includes features such as lead management, quotation creation, order processing, and customer communication tracking.

Point Of Sales - Shops

Odoo Sales of Point - Shops is a dedicated module designed to streamline retail operations. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing point-of-sale transactions, inventory management, customer interactions, and sales reporting. With Odoo Sales of Point - Shops, retail businesses can enhance their sales processes, improve customer service, and optimize their operations for increased profitability.

Rental System

Odoo's Rental application simplifies the entire rental process by offering comprehensive oversight at every stage. From managing products to scheduling pickups and facilitating document signing, everything is seamlessly integrated into one platform for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Why Choose Odoo Sales Module?

There are several compelling reasons to choose the Odoo Sales Module:

  • Comprehensive Features: Odoo Sales offers a wide range of features including lead management, quotation generation, order processing, and invoicing, providing a complete solution for managing the sales process.
  • Integration Capabilities: Odoo Sales seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules such as Inventory, Accounting, and CRM, ensuring smooth data flow and streamlined operations across departments.
  • Customization Options: The flexibility of Odoo Sales allows businesses to customize workflows, reports, and dashboards to suit their specific requirements, providing a tailored solution for their sales needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive interface, Odoo Sales is easy to navigate and use, minimizing the learning curve for users and enhancing productivity.
  • Scalability: Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Odoo Sales can scale with your business, adapting to your changing needs and growing alongside your organization.

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